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We work in ways that suit
the supplier and customer.

We aim to provide a professional, flexible, fair and economical solution to the sale and supply of the goods we trade. We work with our partners on sourcing and selling. We take stock positions and purchase and pack goods under our, or our clients, own labels. We can advise strategies for markets. We take title to the goods we trade and assume the risk – if that is what our partners require. Or we can work as agents, selling or buying on behalf of a supplier or customer. Flexibility is key to our success.

Global Reach

The coverage that we have with our offices in our different markets provides a very cost-effective way for a customer or supplier to get close to the real buyers and the end-users in that market. We have ‘boots on the ground’ and that is critical where and when problems arise.

Your product delivered on time

Logistics is the key to our operation and with the ever-changing face of European trade, the need for knowledge and experience in this area has been critical to managing and continuing to manage the new European & World realities of trade. We have a team of dedicated professionals who work hard to move the goods that have been entrusted to us, safely, quickly and efficiently.


The business started in 1984 with poultry and still trades successfully in the sector. We supply all cuts in fresh and frozen portions with quantities starting from a single pallet up to full container loads worldwide.


Our turkey cuts are frozen and fresh, perfect for manufacturing and wholesale worldwide. We make sure your goods are packaged securely and professionally, so you know your products arrive in perfect condition.


We supply duck in all formats and cuts, meaning that we can provide your business with exactly what you need. Flexibility is key to our success, so ensuring that all of your business' needs are prioritised is important to us.


We take pride in our high-quality pork, with this being our Estonian and Spanish offices' particular strengths. We work with all of our partners on sourcing and selling to make sure your business receives the best.


We supply all cuts of beef and work throughout Europe and South America in our efforts to supply competitively priced product


We work principally with Palagic species sourcing and supplying Worldwide.

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Our Team

We have a number of offices around the world with dedicated in-house experts to support your business through every step of your trading journey. We work with international partners on sourcing and selling to make sure your business gets the most from our service. Contact your local office to find out more about how we can improve your trading experience.

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