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About us

Stara Foods has a long tradition in supplying frozen and fresh food in Europe for a generation where it was known under the name of ‘Chic-o-stara’. In 2015 the company shortened the name to better reflect the diversity of trade and became ‘Stara Foods B.V.’ and the following year in 2016 opened a regional office in the UK.

Since that time the company has offices and specialists in Estonia, France, Portugal, Spain as well as the UK and Netherlands. From taking title and repacking product to acting in an advisory and agency capacity. The owners and senior colleagues have well in excess of 100 years of collective knowledge and experience in the Worldwide trading sector. In this environment, age and experience count & when matched with an enthusiastic and hard-working team of other professionals, it makes us the perfect partner for customers and suppliers alike.

How we work

We are focused on sourcing and representing suppliers in countries where we can add value and bring our skills to our partners operations by:

  • Improving their sales margins.
  • Allowing access to International markets with our specialist, multilingual colleagues with local market knowledge.
  • Remove the risk with International trading by providing secure and fast payments to our partner suppliers.

All the Stara Foods teams, in all the offices, have a commitment to achieving the best prices because with individual and cost centre responsibility at trader level it means that it is in everyone’s interest to be responsible for the transactions from start to finish and achieve the best prices wherever possible.

Our dedicated logistics team will make sure that the goods arrive when and where our customers want to receive them, within Europe as well as outside Europe.

Our UK team is highly experienced in post-Brexit exports and customs procedures, securing a flawless delivery of UK goods into Europe and the rest of the world.

Our History

Founded in 1984 in the Netherlands, the company was originally known by the name of ‘Chic-o-stara Pluimvlees BV’ and was focused on the trading of cooked chicken and hen meat for soups and further processed products throughout Europe.

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Our History

The company continued to trade successfully with mainland Europe in raw and cooked poultry. In 2010 the founder and owner retired and sold the business to the senior trader, Henk de Fluiter.

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Our History

In 2014 Charles Woolley teamed-up with Henk and together they oversaw the expansion of the business and the creation of the renamed ‘Stara Foods B.V.‘ – shortening the previous name of ‘Chic-o-Stara’ to reflect the diversity of the business away from being a 100% poultry trading business. Charles and Henk are now the joint owners of the company.

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We think that trading is so much more than buying something from A and trading it to B. With Stara Foods, you will be dealing with the decision-makers in your sector who have direct input and interest in your business. Get in touch today to find out how we can help with your business.

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